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CoreStone Sports Massage

Used by NFL athletic trainers, Core Stones are ideal for releasing myofascial restrictions resulting in deep therapeutic relief of muscle tension. Slow and sustained pressure of this warm, broad surface creates vasodilation allowing the muscle to soften and relax. Made from soap stone, Core Stones hold heat longer and create positive energy, resulting in a deep calming influence on the body, helping you find inner peace. Ease those sore muscles and alleviate stress! Call the Spa at LaBella to book your Core Stone Sports Massage today!

Your full-body experience begins at The Spa at La Bella!

Our Body Wraps will leave you feeling like a new person, rejuvenated and ready to take on spring! Winter can take a toll on your skin, so give it a refreshing glow!

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We start your journey by gently sweeping away dull and dry skin with an invigorating dry brushing technique, revealing your true smooth skin underneath.

We then paint the body with a stimulating Seaweed Mud and wrap you up in our unique heated Soft-Pack Bed.

This luxurious bed allows you to weightlessly float and completely relax while the mask works its way deep into your pores to restore hydration. After a warm shower, our firming lotion is massaged into your skin, promoting circulation and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

This treatment will leave your skin feeling firm and toned.


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