Body Mind Spirit In Action

Life is so fast paced these days, and it can be difficult to find time for yourself. Here are ten things you can do to right now to create more balance in your life.

Move yourself forward
Get outside and start moving. It is elemental to enjoy movement in our natural world. While your body warms up your mind can slow down and you can enjoy the beauty. Walking meditation is the process of concentrating and refocusing the mind while moving physically. Used consistently, it can reduce negative mental chatter; teach the body how to respond to stress and to regain your center. Movement and meditation are naturally paired for concentration and mindfulness.

Listen to your senses
Be aware of how you are feeling in your environment. It is important to stop and assess how your body is feeling by utilizing your most basic senses. Take a few moments throughout the day to assess whether you are hot or cold, surrounded by quiet or distractions, and become aware of how your body reacts to all of it.

Eat mindfully
A meal is prepared and served; now it is time to express gratitude by enjoying the experience and being mindful as you eat. While you eat be aware of the taste, textures and their affect on your body. Take the time to put your fork down between bites and really enjoy the moment. Eating mindfully makes everything taste better and the conversation will always linger.

Find Gratitude
We all have so much to be thankful for in life but often we are moving too fast to appreciate or enjoy it. A profound project is to keep a journal by your bed. Take time each night before bed to list all the things you are thankful for in life. It is a meaningfulexperience, making us aware of the bounty in our lives and offering a supply of wonderful thoughts we can take to bed each night.

Get a massage
Pick your favorite spa or massage therapist and make an appointment for a massage today. A massage has a magical way of bringing us back in touch with ourselves. It reconnects mind and body, reduces stress, improves health and offers a reprieve from everyday life. Consistent massage naturally tunes us directly to mind, body and spirit. It can have a profound improvement on balance by offering consistent stress relief and giving us tools to manage daily life.

Introduce rhythm
There is a reason children thrive in environments with a consistent rhythm to each day, they know what to expect, which offers comfort and reduces stress. The same is true for adults; we flourish when there is a flow to our day. You are the conductor – you set the beat to your life. Establish a rhythm to your days and open the door for harmony and peace to settle in and find a generous space in your life.

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify
Henry David Thoreau clearly understood that things separated us from our purpose in life. The more we can get rid of stuff and instead enjoy life’s experiences, the more we will live full, wise and meaningful lives. Take time today, get rid of the clutter and enjoy the view that simplicity brings to life.

Practice Yoga
Yoga has the unique ability to use physical movement to center us, body, mind and spirit. It is a method to reconnect, heal the body and achieve harmony. It builds body awareness and serves as a tool for increased relaxation and stress reduction. Take a step forward to balance and find a beginning yoga class today.

Let them see you sweat
Trying something new can make your palms sweat and your mouth dry but it doesn’t mean that it is bad for you. On the contrary as long as it is safe, trying something new can act as a catapult in life. It can move you forward, initiate transformation, taking you to a place that will bring new and unexpected experiences.

Laughing, enjoying the moment, is a prescription for a long and happy life. It brings us to the present, injects joy, community and instant happiness into our lives. There is no better treatment for whatever might hurt or keep you back in your day than a good, hearty belly laugh. Hopefully, you wonªt mind the crowd. Laughing causes people to gather spontaneously and enthusiastically for a moment or if you are lucky, even longer. Taking actions like these will move you forward toward living a better, more balanced life. It is easy and simple to do.

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